A New Sea-Jamie Hunyor (DP6)

A New Sea-Jamie Hunyor (DP6)


Jamie Hunyor's A New Sea is the 5th collection in the Dink Press Chapbook Series. The collection is a series of cut-ups from Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea, a true masterpiece that both reinvents and expands the possibilities within the cut-up technique. 


When I first read Jamie Hunyor’s A New Sea, I was blown away. Blown away not only by the quality of the writing, but also the synchronicity of Hunyor’s submission, which just came into my inbox moments after finishing a reread of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea.

A New Sea is a special book, it takes the Gysin/Burroughs Cut-Up Method to a new place. Hunyor used a single text in this cut-up, Sartre’s Nausea, and ultimately created a new offset of the cut-up, one that creates a new narrative, one that takes the original text to a new place, a new untold story.  I am hopeful that this method (and this book) will inspire and influence poets and cut-up authors for generations to come."- K. Taylor

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