A Condensation of Maps- Roberto Carcache Flores (DP1)

A Condensation of Maps- Roberto Carcache Flores (DP1)


Introduction to A Condensation of Maps

One of the pleasures of running a (small) poetry press is the chance to see talent before it is publically recognized. Larger presses generally pass on young, emerging poets because they haven’t spent years building up a reputation among magazines, which is understandable- you can’t run a successful business if nobody knows what you’re selling. I wanted Dink Press to be different though, and so far it has been. When we started planning the business we decided that we didn’t want to be rich. Instead we wanted to use what resources we have to promote the craft of poetry, supporting the emerging writers who are struggling to get their work recognized. We are in the game for the sake of good poetry being written and read.

Roberto Carcache Flores is not just a good poet, he is a great one, and young, too. He reminds me of a surrealist Williams, or perhaps Lorca. The majority of submissions we receive come from American poets, writing in American language. He is from El Salvador, and maybe that’s the source of freshness in his poems. No matter what it is, A Condensation of Maps is fresh, modern, relevant, and somehow classic. No poem (or collection for that matter) is perfect. Every poet has room to grow, and he is going to grow into a driving force in modern poetry. I am very honored to be able to publish this, his first collection, and am very much looking forward to his future- I hope it grows beyond Dink, and I’m sure it will. Wherever his career takes him it will be far. 
-Kristopher D. Taylor
Founder/Editor Dink Press
2/9/15, Goldsboro, NC

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