If Your Matter Could Reform- Robert Okaji (DP5)

If Your Matter Could Reform- Robert Okaji (DP5)


If Your Matter Could Reform is the first collection from Texan poet Robert Okaji, and the first volume in Dink Press' National Poetry Month Series.

"Few poetry collections strike me to the core. In 2009, D. A. Powell reduced me and a third of his audience to shocked tears when we expected his witty, cutting verse and he recited "Chronic" from his then latest collection,Chronic. Now, Okaji has stepped up to the plate and added his work to the short list with this collection."- Jaffa Kintigh

"...it goes a long way toward elevating the diminished thing (one’s life sifting by and any accrued regrets) and reforming both lost matter and memories. What more could an author ask of him or herself? What more could a reader want beyond a hushed “come over here and let me share my hard-won secrets with you” from a wise friend or confidant? If Your Matter Could Reform might be the key fob to the private kingdom in that regard."- Leigh's wordsmithery

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