Infant Cinema- Barton Smock (DP2)

Infant Cinema- Barton Smock (DP2)


Praise for Barton Smock's Infant Cinema:

"Infant Cinema can only come from the mind of one writer, Barton Smock. I've been following his work for 10 years, and the only thing I've come to expect for certain is that I will be transported to a world thick with an atmosphere of vivid imagery, and seemingly juxtaposed and ironic concepts. Infant Cinema is prose that has all those elements, and reads with heightened poetic force." - Joseph Jengehino

"Barton Smock's newest book is filled with enigmatic poetry honed to the barest minimum of language, without a scintilla of excess. In one poem and elsewhere, Smock states that he 'does not want to be seen as a person,' and the scant information he has shared in various publications and the rare interview certainly reveals little but that he is a father, husband, likes movies, and writes daily. Yet in Infant Cinema, poems that first appear as fragmentary and surreal dreams, prayers, visions, or confessions still evoke a completeness that lacks nothing, wants nothing. Smock reveals a world filled with grief, death, suicides, disabling conditions, and a family's complex relationships across generations. While the poems mention 'lonesome objects,' 'melancholy,' 'numbness,' and 'collected sorrows,' Smock's masterfully minimalist poetry leaves the reader intoxicated by a rush of original details and bleakly exquisite imagery." - Donna Snyder, author of The Tongue Has Its Secrets (NeoPoiesis Press, 2015).

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