The Sea of Islands- Tim Kahl (DP4)

The Sea of Islands- Tim Kahl (DP4)


Poet, educator, and Dink Press author Tim Kahl's "The String of Islands" is Dink Press' first full-length collection of poetry. 

"Here in the volume we are shaded by falling trees as a gaze dilutes the Milky Way."- Dale Houstman

"Tim Kahl's latest collection grabs you by the collar with poems that are surreal and operatic, as this language investigates the sublime mariage of biology, pasion and ideology."- Cynthia Atkins, author, In the Event of Full Disclosure

"Tim Kahl's work investigates mankind and all that surrounds it, but without drawing attention to that- a secret revalation factory from California"- K. Taylor, poet and founding editor of Dink Press. 

"Kahl is a sober witness to our wild new century of internet onion routers and angels kissing while we wear our 'hot wet suit' of commodities ripe for love."- Richard Lopez

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